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A Perfect Cut crease Trio

Each pack contains 30 sets.

You can’t choose which of our OG Cut crease shapes you want to try next? We’ve got you covered! This Perfect Trio contains the Round, Winged and Almond shaped stencils.

Round – the perfect round halo shaped cut crease. Open and widen your natural eye shape.

Wing – the swoop of your dreams. Opens, widen and elongate your natural eye shape.

Almond – the cut crease for bigger is better . Opens, lengthens and accentuates your natural eye shape

Easily applied and even more easily removed to reveal a perfect sharp, defined line every time!
From makeup beginners, makeup novices to pro makeup artists, these cut crease stencils are a must have to add to your makeup tool kit. Create the perfect look quickly and effortlessly with ease, cutting out the guesswork, cut down on product use and most importantly completely cut down on time!

Each pack contains 30 sets.

Round – 10 sets

Wing – 10 sets

Almond – 10 sets

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Customer Reviews


"This eye tape has become my secret weapon for achieving flawless sharp eyeshadow looks every time! It's easy to apply and gives me that sharp, precise look I've always wanted."


"The Eye Master brush set is a game-changer for my eye makeup routine! The brushes are soft, blend like a dream, and cover all the essentials for creating any eye look, highly recommended!.”